How can you join the Circle of Light and Love

Joining is an active process.
You have to choose for joining, participating.

THE Circle of Light and Love is abstract, A Circle of Light and Love is a real circle, of which you can become a member. THE Circle of Light and Love can also be seen as a movement and you experience a connection with this movement. You can not become a member of THE Circle of Light and Love, but you can become a member of A Circle of Light and Love. It is even possible to become member of several Circles of Light and Love.

Joining the Circle of Light and Love is an active process. You have to make the connection. If you can not do that or if you don't want to do that, you remain an outsider. Only when you really connect yourself with the Circle of Light and Love you get contact and you will benefit from our energy.

In order to connect

  • you must be willing to give
  • you must be willing to transform yourself
  • you must really and consciously choose for a better live.

If you want to join our group, you must make sacrifices. You have to decrease you ego, you have to learn to give and you need to learn TRANCE-FORMATION. When all members of a Circle of Light and Love do that, the circle becomes a great spiritual community. If we grant membership to people who don't want to do that, we get decay. To prevent decay, we must be strict.

People are not all the same. One person will fit better in a Circle of Light and Love, another might not fit at all. That doesn't matter. Important is this: We should all strive to become better people, we should all strive for development and transformation.

Circles are not all the same. One Circle of Light and Love will have higher demands for the members, another circle will make lesser demands. You should find or create a circle that fits your development and your life goals.

The Circle of Light and Love is not a cult. We don't imprison you or hold you against your will. Connection is voluntarily and lasts as long as we want. Do you want to abandon the Circle of Light and Love? No problem. Do you want to stay in the Circle of Light and Love? Then you have to stick to the rules. Read more about this in the article: The Circle of Light and Love is NOT a cult.


The Circle of Light and Love has some levels or degrees:

  • If you want to join, you first become an aspirant. In this period you become acquainted with us and you learn the fundamentals. After your initiation you become a member of the first degree.
  • We expect certain things from a member of the first degree. What things? That varies per circle. One circle has higher demands than another circle. In any case you need
    • to understand the basic principals;
    • to be able to give;
    • to have chosen for a better live.

    As a first degree member you are a priest or priestess. This words come from the Greek word "presbýteros", an honorary title for the head of a community. As a priest or priestess you have to set a good example, specially for aspirants. Every priest or priestess has his/her own tasks. But there are also tasks for every priest or priestess. The priest or priestess is a mediator between the higher spheres and the physical plane and leads the people. The priest or priestess sets a good example and channels healing energy from the higher spheres and passes it on to the people.

    As a first-degree you learn to develop, cleanse and strengthen your chakras. When you have developed your chakras enough you can be initiated to the second degree.

  • Higher demands are made to a second degree. You should have a vast amount of knowledge of the chakras and you should be able to teach this knowledge. You should learn to send healing energy with your chakras and you should help other members with their transformation. Healing with the chakras is called Spiritual Healing. For this you learn special techniques. Giving should be second nature to a second degree.
  • When you have mastered the techniques of Spiritual Healing, you can reach the third degree or master-degree. Then you are a master of the Circle of Light and Love. As master of the Circle of Light and Love you can start your own circle. For this you have the (theoretical) knowledge, but you lack experience. By just trying and doing you become experienced and you develop skills. In this way you become a better master.
    • As master you continue your own TRANCE-FORMATION. A master is not perfect. There will always be issues to deal with.
    • When you start your own circle, you can teach and initiate people. You learn to give on a higher level. The master serves all other members of the circle. But that does not mean, that you should allow yourself to be abused. Sometimes you serve your members by being a severe master.
    • It is not an obligation to initiate other people. As a master, you can choose to live a solitary life. You are responsible for your own live and we encourage you to do what is good for you. If it is good for you to work alone, then it is good. If it is good for you to teach and to initiate people, then that is good.
  • It is my intention to train at least one person to become a grandmaster for every land or culture. In the Reiki-system any master can grant the master-degree to any person. If the initiator is not very much developed and he initiates other people and grants the master-degree to people who are even less developed, you get decay. In the Circle of Light and Love we try to prevent this decay. So the master-degree can only be granted to someone by a grand-master. A grandmaster has a very high spiritual development, a very strong energy-field and the qualities of a real leader. He/She must be a great public speaker and must have the ability to explain things is easy words. Only a minority of masters can become a grandmaster.

How to join a Circle of Light and Love

At this moment, there are not many circles to choose from. If you do not live in the Netherlands, the best thing to do is to get the master-training. If you want information about this training, write me with the form below.


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