Give, give and give!

The Circle of Light and Love is about giving, giving and giving.

There are people who only want to have and to receive. Last month I heard of a 'workshop' in the Netherlands where people were taught to receive. But if no one wants to give, how can you receive?

In the Circle of Light and Love we do things differently. All members of the Circle of Light and Love give themselves completely. Is this statement true? No! Of course not. Only perfect people can give themselves completely. And even then, the circumstances must be right. Mostly they are not. But an ideal Circle of Light and Love is made of people who give, give and give. People that give themselves completely: with body, mind and spirit! In perfect love and perfect understanding (light).

During the 90s I gave myself as good as I could. Almost completely. But I was surrounded by people, who gave to little. Only a few people gave enough in return, but they could not make up for all those that did not give. Eventually I became depleted on every level: on the physical, energetic, social, mental, financial and psychic level. In January 2000 I switched the button and started to take care of my own needs. I returned to computer-programming and earning money. I spend less and less time giving seminars, initiations and healing sessions. At the end of 2004 I bought a house with garden in the extreme North-East of the Netherlands. It is very quiet here. Together with Eva I renovated the building, created an orchard. Now we grow lots and lots of apples, plums, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, red currant, black currant, gooseberries, ... During the last decade (2000-2010) I recovered from the 90s. Now (June / July 2010) I feel, that it is time to open myself again for people and to start giving again. But with some moderation. I don't want to repeat the 90s.

It is time to connect with people and to give initiations and healings. It is time to start teaching again. For this, I am looking for people who want to give. People who can give or who can learn to give. Only those kind of people belong in a Circle of Light and Love. Because the Circle of Light and Love is about giving, giving and giving. And if all members of the Circle of Light and Love give, than you can expect, that all members will receive from each other. And that we can co-operate together in a harmonious manner.

Is this not an Utopia?

An utopia is a place or a 'reality' that does not exist. (How can something that does not exist be a 'reality'?) The emphasis is on the impossibility of the concept. So the Circle of Light and Love is not an utopia. A harmonious Circle of Light and Love is difficult but possible. It is possible to create and maintain a Circle of Light and Love were members give themselves to each other with body, mind and spirit. There are two Circles of Light and Love that are functioning like this for years. It is possible, but it is hard work.

To achieve the objective, a harmonious Circle of Light and Love, the members of that circle have to transform themselves continuously. All members have to work very hard on themselves. When we develop and transform ourselves every day, we become better people day by day. One of my favorite affirmations is this one:


When you say this many times to yourself, you act as if it is true. And by acting like this it will become real. It will become true in the physical reality, right here on earth. You are a god or goddess with the power to re-create your live. Do it! Start now!

So you have to work hard on yourself. You have to transform yourself. How do we do that?

For this purpose we have TRANCE-FORMATION CD's. Mark the different spelling. A TRANCE-FORMATION is a sound-track that helps you to get to an alpha or theta state of mind: a trance-like state. In this state of mind you can transform yourself. The soundtrack can be on CD, your computer or iPod, or whatever. It could come by radio or the internet. That does not matter. The sound-track is composed of a background sound. Listening to this brings you to an alpha or theta state, depending on the frequency of the background sound. On the foreground there is a voice, that asks questions, gives instructions, that teaches you about TRANCE-FORMATION. TRANCE-FORMATIONS help you to transform yourself. TRANCE-FORMATIONS help you to become a better person.

When we do a TRANCE-FORMATION every day we become better people. That is essential for a good Circle of Light and Love. Members of a circle encourage each other on their journey to transformation.

The dark-side

Every person has a dark side. Many spiritual groups deny this dark side. Then there is a division: the illusion of duality. One starts to believe that there is a battle between good and evil. One starts to work with 'angels' and one rejects 'demons'. From psychological point of view this is unhealthy. People who overshoot themselves in this duality often become horrible people. Many exorcism-horrors, that often end up in damaging children, are caused by this believe in duality.

You don't have to deny that there are evil people. Just deny that there is a battle of good and evil inside yourself. Part of you is ape-like. To become human, you have to transform yourself. Another part is god-like. To become human, you have to transform this part and become more realistic. There is no battle between good and evil in your mind, but a struggle between instinct and intuition. Your instincts helped our ancestors to survive during three billion years of evolution. Do you think it is wise to throw that away?

If we want to become mentally healthy people, we have to integrate our dark side and our light side. We must learn to love our dark side, and to examine and develop our dark side. A tree has roots, that grow into the darkness and a crown that grows to the light. We have to grow likewise. We must grow into our dark side and into our light side. We must shatter the illusion of duality and accept ourselves completely. Love for the world begins with love for ourselves. Love for all aspects of ourselves. Including love for our dark side.


In the Circle of Light and Love we strive to become better people. During our upbringing we had many disappointments. Some of us have traumas. Because of the harshness of our environment, we are damaged. To recover we need healing. We should heal ourselves and each other. For this we use Spiritual Healing. Spiritual Healing has very advanced techniques, in which we use our chakras to heal all layers of the aura and to heal all chakras. We do that with our own chakras and aura and to other members of the Circle of Light and Love. You are initiated in this techniques during the master-training.

Our body and our genes are developed during three billion years of evolution. The past 50 million years we were mostly like monkeys. All kinds of monkey-behavior and ape-behavior prevent us to live like gods. As a human we are born like ape-people. It is up to us to transform ourselves to humans. For this we have TRANCE-FORMATION.

Apes and monkeys are both primates. But an ape is more intelligent than a monkey. Apes are chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, orangutans, gibbons and humans. Most people think humans are not apes. But if you remove the bias of arrogance, there is not much difference between the average chimpanzee and the average human. We humans certainly have a lot of ape-like tendencies, to say the least.

A TRANCE-FORMATION is a story with a background-sound. We listen to the sound and we become relaxed. In this relaxed state we listen to the story and we learn new things, get new visions. At the same time we learn techniques to develop our chakras and our mind and spirit. TRANCE-FORMATION is very easy and very effective.


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