Acupuncture points and meridians of earth

Meridians of Light and Love

During the 90s the Circle of Light and Love was developed.

The old faiths are hierarchic organized around a synagogue, a church or a mosque. There are old men, who want to be boss and followers that must serve. This is similar to a Chimpanzee-culture. In a group of Chimpanzees you have bossy males. The big difference: Chimpanzees are intelligent enough to chase away the old males and to replace them with less old males. A lot of humans kneel for sexually challenged old males and live according to their rules. The catholic church is an example.

The new religion is structured as Circles of Light and Love.

A Circle of Light and Love is free and autonomous. The members of a circle decide themselves how to live and what to believe. And a Circle of Light and Love is in principle democratic. A Circle of Light and Love functions more or less as a cell, with the master and/or mistress as the nucleus. All Circles of Light and Love together form an intelligent organism. They are (or should be) linked in an organic manner.

A Circle of Light and Love is:

  • A group of people that uses spiritual forces to create a good and wholesome environment;
    • A Circle of Light and Love can be created by a single person. It is not mandatory to come together with other people. You can TRANCE-FORM alone and create a cocoon of Light and Love around you with attention and rituals. In writings I write about more than one persons, that want to build something communal in an atmosphere of Light and Love.
  • An energy-point on the earth. On the human body there are acupoints, that are used in acupuncture and shiatsu. A Circle of Light and Love is an acupoint on the earth. When Circles of Light and Love connect with each other, they form meridians of Light and Love. Through these meridians Good Thought, Good Feelings, Good Words and Good Deeds can propagate and contribute to the healing of Mother Earth.

Propagation of new ideas

Before internet renewal of our culture came from the cities. The bigger the city and the more people move between cities, the more ideas are exchanged.

With internet we are all connected. New ideas propagate very easy from and to someone living in a very small village. You don't have to live in New York to be up to date. Before 1990 most people in small towns were pretty isolated. Today you can exchange ideas with almost everyone everywhere.

  • Imagine a number of Circles of Light and Love scattered across earth.
  • These circles are connected with each other and exchange ideas and experiences.
  • These ideas and knowledge are spread from these circles into their environment. Members of these circles talk with people they meet, with their neighbors.
  • Together these Circles of Light and Love form meridians. Through these meridians Good Thought, Good Feelings, Good Words and Good Deeds flow across the world.

Multiple meridians

The human body has several meridians, that connect acupoints. Every meridian has its own function, its own purpose. The acupoints on a certain meridian have all something to do with that function and purpose.

  • Imagine hundreds of Circles of Light and Love spread across the earth. Each of these Circles of Light and Love is completely autonomous and direct themselves. Some circles are like-minded. They are closely linked with each other and form a meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with health-food, they grow food or they make health-food. Together they form a food-meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with art and form an art-meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with religion or spiritual ceremonies. They form a spiritual meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with sexuality, tantra, tau-of-love. They form a sexual meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with parenting, upbringing, pedagogy. They form a parent-child-meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with ecological construction and living. They form a construction-meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with yoga and self-realization. They form a yoga-meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with spiritual healing. They form a healing-meridian.
  • Some circles are in tune with psychology and knowing yourself. They form a psychology-meridian.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Together these Circles of Light and Love form meridians of Light and Love, that help spreading knowledge and new ideas. In this way we improve our live on earth.


Supporting each other

Imagine that a certain Circle of Light and Love has a problem or a question. How do we deal with that?

  • For example: the cabbages don't grow as they should. You make a connection with a Circle of Light and Love on the 'food-meridian' and through this circle all knowledge about food is available.
  • For example: There are problems with upbringing or with children. You make a connection with a Circle of Light and Love on the 'parent-child-meridian' and through this circle all knowledge about upbringing and pedagogy is available.
  • When more Circles of Light and Love are created and more meridians are formed, it becomes easier to find answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Light and Love

When you ask for help or guidance in common society, you must be wary. Some specialists ask a lot of money for their services, without guarantee. Lawyers are a special kind of breed in this field. Beside this there are people, that see other people as a prey, as sources of money, as cash-cows. Scores of people specialize in sales-strategies for the sole purpose of milking consumers as much as they can. There is nothing wrong with asking money for services or goods that are worth it. It is fundamentally wrong to prey on other people and to use them as cash-cows.

In the Circle of Light and Love we learn to act and work with light (intelligence, common sense, insight) and with love (caring for each other).

At first we build trust with other members of our own circle and to co-operate with each other. After that we build bonds of friendship with other Circles of Light and Love. In this way we create a network of circles, each with members that have taught themselves and each other to Think, Feel, Speak and Act with Light ad Love.

This is not something we create overnight. Such a network of Circles of Light and Love will grow slowly. With attention and love we can develop such a network of Light and Love.



Good-willing people connect with each other


When I speak about Circles of Light and Love I often see disbelieve. There are a lot of good-willing people. But they live in an environment that promotes blind egoism. When we are not careful, our environment pulls as down. When good-willing people meet with other good-willing people, it is often hard to believe, that the other side is also good-willing. People are encouraged to believe, that blind egoism is the standard for all people. While in reality most people are good-willing.

You will receive what you believe! When you believe that other people are blinded with egoism, you keep your distance. Then most people will behave selfish, because there is no tie with you. When you believe that people are good-willing, you open yourself to them. More people will connect with you and form ties. Then your life will become better and better.

Some people believe, that you have OR have not believe. And that you can not change that. You can also decide to start believing. You can make a firm decision to believe, that you are surrounded with good-willing people. At first this will be an effort. You have to force yourself to keep that believe. And when you affirm that believe again and again with affirmations and visualizations, you enforce a new openness towards other people. Then you can make new connections with other people. From this connections Circles of Light and Love are born.

The ultimate question is: Are you a good-willing person?

When you have a will to be good, you can use this will to create goodness. Then you can realize goodness on earth.

Humans are not good from themselves. Humans are just what they are. In fact: humans are not humans but animals. As animals, we just are. Not good, not bad, just instinctive. The difference between animals and humans is not in culture, knowledge or the use of tools. Apes have that to. But do apes know that they know? Perhaps THAT can be the difference: to know that you know. A higher level of consciousness, a higher level of abstraction. A meta-level that supervises our knowledge, our believes, our behavior. When you know that you behave in a certain way and you see the results, you can modify your behavior to get better results. This is not good in itself. A serial killer can use this higher level of consciousness to become a better killer. That would be bad. We can use this higher level to become more loving, better friends, better parents, better husbands or wives, etc.

Above I stated: humans are not humans but animals. What I mean is this: Many 'humans' do not realize that they know. One has to learn to observe ourselves and to modify ourselves according to our will. Then we can re-create ourselves and become really human. We can outgrow our animal behavior as soon as we realize, how we behave and how we can change our behavior.

You can focus your will on the creation of a Circle of Light and Love. When there are people with whom you can connect, you can work together and create together. When you haven't found the right kind of people, you can form a Circle of Light and Love on your own In both situations you surround yourself with a field of Light and Love. Owing to what you radiate and your body-language your relations with your environment will improve.

Replace loneliness with solidarity

In the past we lived in groups. At first is groups of ape-people, then in tribes and then in village-communities. In the 20th century we left behind these old ties or these old ties were torn apart. As causes we can look at the great wars, urbanization, commercialization and individualization. Another very important cause is the television. When we look as a series, we identify with a main character. That main character has perhaps better relations and more success than we. We start to live on the social live of that character and neglect our ties in real life. Without the sedation of television-series the loneliness would be unbearable for most people. People would go out to search for more social interaction in real life. The sedation of television-series takes away the necessity of social interaction. Because of this we deprive others our company and our attention. (And after television we got computer-games like second life. Nothing wrong with some fantasy, but what happens to your primary life?)

Another important cause of loneliness is attention-overflow. In the past we lived in a quiet rural environment. The grass did grow, the birds sang and that were the most exiting things in our life. Perhaps I am exaggerating a tiny bit. Today our attention is claimed by many processes. Many people have a heavy working week in which all attention is swallowed up by labor. When the working week is done, we are glad if we don't have to give attention to anything. Because of this our social relations suffer from attention-deficit. Our attention-system is so overloaded, that we can no longer pay attention to social relations. The television seems a solution. The t.v. doesn't mind when our thoughts wander, when we don't pay attention, or when we don't listen. Advertisements work even better when we don't pay attention. But the television has the property of grabbing our attention and overload it even more. Television is no solution but adds to the problem.

To break the spiral of loneliness, we have to connect with each other. When we don't, we deny others our company, our attention and our love.


Old forms of communities no longer work

The old communities are gone. And that is a good thing. In old communities we were prevented from developing ourselves by the culture, tribe or group, by the tabus of our group. And also because it was almost impossible to move from one group to another.

As animals we evolved in groups. As a result we need some companions (people) to feel good. Our instincts demand that. But we did outgrow the old communities. And now we can choose. We can choose an individual live and ignore our instinctive desire for ties with other humans. Or we can choose for new forms of communities. The Circle of Light and Love is such a new form.

In the old communities (tribes, villages) people formed ties in an instinctual manner. Tribes developed in a natural way, villages to. There was not an ape-man that thought: 'Let's start a tribe!'

The old communities were based on instincts. Because of this, social manners grew on their own. Fears, inhibitions and prejudices of tribal-leaders became commandments and tabus for the tribes. There was not much thinking or contemplation about them. Later on we had a figure like Moses, who stated, that his own delinquent behaviors and manners were 'divine commandments'. As soon as the Jews had been programmed to believe that, they were trapped. If you believe that your manners are 'divine commandments', how can you change them? If you believe that god is omnipotent and you are 'a humble worm', how can your rebel against Him??? (Masculine and capitalized!) Christianity and the Islam copied this attitude towards manners and behaviors. In these believes there is no room for human-rights. Humans are insignificant worms, created by an all-powerful god, who can do as he pleases with his creation.

In fact, this is a psychopathic view of the universe and of god. In these three believes god is often visualized as a psychopath. When humans act against his commandments, he sends a flood, as with Noah. He commands the crucifixion of his own son to show how great he is: he resurrects Jesus from death, if we are to believe the myths. I do not know enough of the Islam to give good examples. But the fact that many people, that call themselves Muslims, are willing to do suicide-bombings in return for a place in heaven, should make us wary.

And His priests? They are very humble and servile. Right? Or is this image of an almighty god a weapon in the hands of arrogant priests, with which they bind the people in slavery?

In the old communities there was little place for spiritual growth, little place for change and variation. When humans act instinctual, they act a lot like Chimpanzees: Anything knew makes them violent. Having a new idea is heresy. Having a variation in sexual behavior is a crime against god. Before Moses there was a little space for homo-sexuality. According to Moses it is a capital crime. That the death-penalty for homo-sexuality is abolished is not owed to the priests of the Jews, Christians or Muslims, but to secular legislation and the separation of Church and State.

  • The condemnation of homo-sexuality is in fact a denial of the believe in an almighty creator.
  • If men is created by god and a particular person is created as a homo-sexual, how can a priest condemn that person?
  • Is seems that Jewish, Christian and Islamic priests believe that they are better then there own god. Are they insane? Why can't they see, that they deny their own believe with such condemnation?


New forms of communities


We have a need for a community, but not a need for commandments or tabus of old-fashioned communities. We can do without those commandments and tabus. Do we need a commandment like: Thou shalt not kill? Do you want a close tie with someone who needs such a commandment? Would I start killing without that commandment?

In the Circle of Light and Love we have no need for a god that gives us commandments. We learn ourselves to behave in a loving manner because we want to, not because we have to. We have no need for suppression of our freedom.

The Circle of Light and Love is developed with divine inspiration. But the rules and regulations are loving and rational. The Light stands for insight, clear and plain seeing, analyzing, common sense. The rules and regulations of a certain Circle of Light and Love are there for the members of that circle. They must be beneficial for the members. When rules cause damage, they must be changed. A Circle of Light and Love is a community of people, who take their destiny in their own hands.

Certain people come together by the power of love. They have some common features: They vibrate on the same wavelength and because of this they understand each other. They are in tune. Together they form a Circle of Light and Love with rules and regulations, that are specific for them. Not for other Circles of Light and Love. Every Circle of Light and Love has its own objectives, its own culture, its own moral values and standards, its own rules and regulations.

To function in a Circle of Light and Love you need a new upbringing or eduction. In this education you learn to contemplate your rules and commandments. You learn how to analyze and TRANCE-FORM your own culture.

Do you want life-long suffering from your upbringing? Do you want to live your life guided by your upbringing? Do you want to submit yourself to the manners and values you have been programmed with? Or do you want to take control over your life and TRANCE-FORM your upbringing?



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